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Let’s Have a - DO OVER - Together! - 10 Minute Read



Let me start from the beginning...

  Some of my fondest childhood memories are of visiting my local corner store. (what we called “The beer depot”)

  I remember taking a break from playing various sports, crashing the bikes in front of the Corner store, taking over the narrow triangle stoop, and just sitting, snacking and watching the customers come and go. Stopping by the corner store for a quick soda and candy was always the fine makings of any kids “nutritional” diet.

  I remember everything so clearly: the over sized, heavy, brown, wooden door, the old industrial musk smell mixed with all the scents of delicious fresh deli food. I remember the many years my parents would get the Sunday hot ham and rolls with all the salads and fixings. My favorite treat was always what seemed to be the best beef jerky in the world. The store had all the features of a dated, unique, fun, interesting place to buy things from. You would never know what surprises, or fun, cool, unique gifts and things you would find.

  Sadly, these corner stores and many other places continue to close their historic doors for good. In recent years, the closures happen more drastically. I felt the same loss and imagined what kind of loss and pain there would be in children’s (and their parents’) lives when Toys R Us shut their doors a few years ago. Imagine, the lost memories of smiles and laughter passing you by up and down the isles, the kids begging Mom and Dad for a quarter to ride the mechanical Horse. It’s a shame to think these little moments will be lost forever.

  But from all of these closings, I recognized something important: the internet is the “new way” of shopping, and with this “new way” comes plenty of opportunity.

  One night, as I was watching some TV and pondering all of this, I began thinking, “what does most everyone relate to,” and the answer was simple. Our childhood! And Baseball! There is nothing more American than baseball!  I jumped out of my chair and yelled “DO OVER!” Suddenly, all the pieces fell into place.

  Anyone who ever hit a ball into a tree or played any kind of game as a child, for that matter, will find that even our naive childhood selves were wise enough to realize that DO OVER’S DO exist! All you need is passion and the will to take a swing at opportunity! In fact, I began to realize just how important this mantra of persistence and renewal is in our American culture.

  This is when I thought I could start my own business, to keep the spirit and the memory of the historic little corner shops alive, online!—all while bringing inspiration to people's lives!  And that was the moment, D.O.C.S –Do Over Corner Store, was born.

So I say, “welcome to my corner of the Web!”

  This is the “new way” forward, and D.O.C.S wants to be a part of this shopping revolution, while keeping the people at the center of our Mission.

  Too many people are struggling nowadays and Shoppers need a source they can Trust!

  In my journey, I've noticed that small online stores quickly and easily pop up and try to validate themselves as "the source", "the authority" about a product and service. I have seen and learned so much about the trickery of businesses and advertising. It was obvious to me that business needs a - DO OVER

  We have all experienced this. We come across a seemingly “ trustworthy, legitimate” business, fall in love with a product, give them our money, only to find that the business was a “fly by night”; or they never existed to begin with. We are left disappointed and angry at having our money so unfairly stolen from us, or at the very least, felt taken advantage of or fooled!

  In fact, this very same shady scam happened to my mother shortly before I went live with my store. She had ordered a “free plus shipping deal” for some ornament. She never received a tracking number, and after waiting for some time, she never received the ornament either. She, of course, was heartbroken for getting scammed, losing out on hard earned and deserved retirement money. We have all been there in some shape or form. It is not a good feeling!

  Although business always centers in making the sale, we promise to never use manipulative sneaky advertising tricks. We promise to never fool you!

  After seeing the disappointment on my mother’s face, I knew that all my work was worth it! I was going to DO OVER business, and DO it by building trust first, and an overall Great business second!

  We have a no BS, straight forward approach. Our company stands behind our business ethics. We follow the golden rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated!”

I was asked a few times—

"Why would anyone buy from you?"

  Obviously most people don't care how business works, BUT, we want you to know just how your money helps! And we want you to feel good about it! And you will feel good, because you’re DO -ing  good, just by shopping with us. Of course, if you’re really feeling generous and would like to donate directly, this will help us grow a lot faster and will be much appreciated.

But how can you tell if your money is DO-ing good?

  Do Over Corner Store will update our followers with our blog, and/or social sites at least once per year. Depending on YOUR support and our level of success! The more profit, the more we can give to Great causes.

  When giving your money to a business, have you ever found yourself wondering where all that money goes? Well for Do Over Corner this is our way to give back by sharing a portion of the profits! 

  As Do Over Corner Store grows we will donate a portion of profits to the communities that support us. The more you and your community shop with us, the more you put your city or small town on our radar. We will be rewarding our biggest followers’ communities. It's that simple! The more money and profits we make, the more Good we can DO!

  This is our goal: to ensure that every penny donated goes to our causes. There are many great nonprofits and charities out there, however, many people don’t realize how many people or other businesses take their cut. Just another way we want to “DO OVER” and DO it right.

  When DO OVER donates a portion of our yearly net profits we give it DIRECTLY to the organizations and causes, we believe in NO MIDDLE MAN!

  Whether we donate money to rebuild/improve a baseball field, a basketball court, a tennis court, or whatever!, it will go directly to our causes.

  Speaking of which, improving children’s places of play, or even adult activity centers is essential to overall health. Without a doubt, one of the most important missions is mental health awareness and supporting organizations that DO Good! With support to mental health we can save that person in a dark place.

  Now more than ever people are struggling mentally and emotionally. Whether it’s a teenager, adult, law enforcement, and military veterans, people from all backgrounds need help. Mental illness does not discriminate! We all have similar brains, similar thoughts, feelings and emotions. We are all just human! D.O.C.S wants you to get back to that DO OVER state of mind WE ALL once had!

  When people see our logo I want them to remember the best moments of their lives, their home runs, their super star moments, their hard earned achievements, the birth of their child/children That promotion at your job, or just that simple act of kindness that had an everlasting positive impact on the rest of your life. I want people to remember that carefree feeling we all felt as kids, when we simply wanted to have fun and dream big.

  This is why I have put so much time and effort into every aspect of this business: the logo, the website, the blog, the causes we support; I want you to trust me and my business. I want you to feel confident that you will get what you paid for, and more! I want you to know that your money will be helping others, and I want you to feel good about it.

  The story of DO OVER is different for everyone, this business, what it stands for, is a small part of my story! This is just the beginning, lets write the future together!

  Additionally, with your help and support, I can hire more employees, source better, higher quality products, manufacture our own products, create jobs through our business growth, create services and products that help and enrich people's lives, and support MORE charities and foundations that help better our community.

  We all realize in a global market that price and quality are the deciding factor. With that in mind our products are the same as our competitors. We source many of our products or services similar to the “big guys,” I wish to partner with Amazon and other businesses to create more opportunities for your shopping experience. Over the course of this blog’s progression, we will be suggesting other businesses that we believe in, and recommending products and services sold by other businesses.

Here at D.O.C.S we wish to give you all the tools and knowledge that can help you build your vision for a better life.

  I’m not a guru, and will never pretend or present myself as a guru. I will tell you confidently and honestly that everything I DO- will be to help inspire people start their own enterprise and even support causes that will strengthen our communities.

  " I believe the greatest work of art to ever exist are the visions and dreams that are yet to be created, where every thought, and every action is just another brush stroke in a masterful work YET to be completed." - Russell Alexander

  I have worked for the first two years to create this brand and “get all my ducks in a row”, so to-say. Much of my time was spent making my brand as trustworthy as possible. I hope my fans will see the hard work, and in turn, I hope to earn their lifetime trust.

   Help Do Over become so BIG and so great, no one can believe how far we’ve knocked it out of the park! So Big no one can ignore us!

  I want to - DO OVER - everything. I believe there is always a better way, and together, WE can make it happen.

  So what do you say? Miss that corner store as much as I do? Want to help people without ever leaving that couch? Well then go on! Check out the store, buy something you’d like. Share my shop on social media and tell a friend. Donate, or whatever you feel like doing. But, DO - come back soon!

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Do Over Corner Store LLC

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